Bluetooth®-Enabled Access Control

  • 33 ft. (10 meter) detection range
  • 10 cell phone FE capacity
  • PIN protected programming
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BG-FE Overview

The BlueGuard® FE (BG-FE) provides a secure keyless control using a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone and a user programmable unique PIN code. This Bluetooth-enabled access control’s output activates automatically when a cellphone moves into range.

Features of Our Bluetooth-Enabled Access Control

  • Detection range: 33 feet (10 meters)
  • FE Capacity: 10 cell phones
  • Relay outputs pulse or presence on normally open and normally closed contact connection
  • Arming input inhibits activation unless control input trigger is activated
  • Water-tight enclosure
  • PIN protected programming
Radio BLUETOOTH® Class 2 (up to 10 meter, 33 foot range)
Inputs ARM input, allows activation only when vehicle is present.
Connect ARM to ARM common to deactivate BlueGuardTM output.
Disconnect ARM to ARM common to activate BlueGuardTM output.
Outputs Form “C” relay (Contacts: normally open, common, normally closed) 2A @ 30VDC 0.5A @ 120VAC
Connections (4 FT Cable) Power (positive and negative) (Red + Black -) • Relay normally closed contact (White)
Relay common contact (Green) • Relay normally open contact (Brown) • ARM input (Orange) ARM common (Yellow) • Not Used (Blue)
Power 12 – 30 VDC and 24 VAC @ 40mA (reverse polarity protected)
Operating Temperature -40°C … 82°C (-40°F… 180°F)
Non-Volatile Memory 10 Cell Phone IDs and a PIN number
Housing Sealed, PVC with 4 foot cable output
Dimensions 1.05” x 7.1” (26.6mm x 180.34mm)
Weight 0.15 lbs (68g)
Note Some phones do not allow simultaneous BLUETOOTH® connections, therefore, may not respond to BlueGuard® when the phone is paired with a wireless headset or other BLUETOOTH® device. Refer to your phone’s owner’s manual for further information.

2 steel locknuts, magnet and a PVC 90° elbow

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