Innovative sensors for
access control applications


Sensor solutions for factory
and process automation

Innovative Access Controls and
Industrial Automation Sensors Which Set the Standard

EMX is a highly respected name in the access control industry. We design and manufacture sensors and accessories for a variety of sensor applications such as gate, overhead door, and parking barrier operators. Our sensors are used to detect the presence and motion of vehicles as well as people. EMX is an active participant in the DASMA Committee on UL 325.

Additionally, EMX is one of the world's leading innovators of specialty sensors in the factory and process automation markets. EMX designs robust automation sensors that lead the industry in quality, flexibility, operability, and ROI. Our sensors are used in a wide variety of manufacturing industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Packaging
  • Labeling
  • Metal stamping
  • Paper and wood processing
  • Plastics
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing

We offer sensor solutions for your specific application. Our name says it all... Engineered to Manage Your X-factor.

Access Control Sensors

  • Photoeye Sensors – We provide numerous options for photoeye sensors, including our UL 325, Thru Beam, and Retroreflective models.

  • Vehicle Detectors – Our vehicle detectors and assorted accessories can help provide security while boosting efficiency.

  • Magnetoresistive Vehicle Detectors – These units feature advanced 3-axis magnetoresistive sensing technology, a logic interface, our DETECT-ON-STOP™ feature, and more.

  • Vehicle Motion Detectors – For increased safety and security control, choose from our vehicle motion detector options.

  • Wireless Edge Links – A wireless, monitored system designed for automated gates.

  • Keypads/Card Readers – These access control units provide secure entry in waterproof enclosures.

  • Drive Thru Vehicle Sensors – These sensors come with a range of key features, with some units being equipped with our new DETECT-ON-STOP™ feature.

  • Timers – Our timers offer reliability, flexible programming, and ease of operation.

  • Radio Controls – These wireless and Bluetooth-enabled units can operate at ranges from 33 feet to up to 650 feet, depending on the model.

Industrial Automation Sensors

  • Colors Sensors – Our ColorMax-1000 color sensors offer a variety of benefits including 2-5x faster sample speeds, 15-color recognition, and white balance adjustment software. Our ColorMax VIEW translucent color sensors provide benefits like on-line measurement for real-time quality control, 3 analog output channels, and a modulated, wide spectrum white LED light source.

  • Luminescence Sensors – Our line of luminescence sensors allows you to detect materials such as wood, grease, labels, thread, paint, rubber, UV ink, and more. We offer the smallest and quickest luminescence sensors available.

  • Opacity Sensors – EMX’s OPAX-1000 opacity sensors help users to measure light transmission for a variety of sensor applications. Features include a rugged construction, high-resolution output, adjustable brackets and more.

  • Contrast Sensors – Our CNTX contrast sensors offer fast response to achieve high-speed contrast for differentiating color and neutral targets. The units feature a numerical display of 50 grayscale levels.

  • Light Measurement Sensors – The LEX-100 light measurement sensor model offers features like adjustable gain, PNP/NPN discrete output, and easy mounting and positioning. The LEX-1000 color light measurement sensor unit provides LCD and LED display quality, RGB analog outputs, comparative light measurement and more.

  • Color Mark Sensors – These sensor models are ideal for printing or packaging applications which require the differentiation of a background and colored marks during high-speed operation. High color contrast and resolution are key aspects of these units.

  • Brightness Sensors – Our BriteX industrial automation sensors are ideal for in-line process monitoring, dry end brightness grading, and more. These sensors offer several times the range of competitors’ sensor units.

  • Phosphorescence Sensors – These factory sensors help users to identify phosphorescent materials and pigments that standard sensors have difficulty detecting. Auto-teach and manual adjustment available.

  • Label Sensors – These industrial automation sensors indicate a wide range of adhesive labels or a variety of web backings by distinguishing between the label and gap. Remote teach input provided.

  • Tin-Side Sensors – Features of these sensors include adjustable gain, a display range of 00-99, small spot size, and a remote mounted display and control.