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"UL-325 Standard and the IRB-325 Approval Status"

As you may already know, the UL325 Standard will cover the gate operators effectively March 1, 2000. We at EMX have been following the UL regulation for some years through our participation in the DASMA organization.

One of the UL325 requirements for gate operators is protection against entrapment. There are two types of entrapment protections in the UL325 standard: primary prtoection and secondary protection. Some examples of primary protection could be, a current sensing devise, clutch and position sensor. Secondary protection may be a non contact sensor such as a photoelectric sensor or contact sensor such as an edge sensor.

The primary protection is supplied by the gate operator manufacturer, while the secondary protection may be connected externally to the operator and supplied separately. In all cases make sure that the operator and any safety equipment connected to the operator is properly marked by labels certifying UL325 compliance.

Not every UL approval is the same. For the entrapment protection equipment to be certified for use with gate operators, it must comply with UL325 and must be marked accordingly.

We are pleased to let you know that our infrared photocells have been approved for use in UL325 applications. The product number is IRB-325 and it is going to be available in the first quarter of year 2000. The IRB-325 is based on out time tested IRB-4X with minor changes that were introduced in order to comply with the UL325 standard.

When installing gate operators and entrapment protection devices make sure that they comply with UL325 and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

We are looking forward to continue serving you with our range of sensors which we developed for the gate operator market. If you have any questions regarding the new UL325 standard or any of our products, please call us.