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Infrared Photoeye Sensor IRB-4X

Infrared Photoeye Sensor IRB-4X

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The Infrared Photoeye IRB-4X works without lenses so it is easy to align, making it less sensitive to fog, dust, snow, and sunlight. Used as a safety, reversing, or opening device in conjunction with automatic operators.

  • Works without lenses so it is easy to align
  • Electronic sunlight filter
  • Automatic compensation for temperature changes
  • 24 degrees of alignment freedom
  • Capable of penetrating 70% obstruction due to fog, steam and even spray
  • Immune to vibration
  • Does not require additional signal amplifiers or relay boxes
  • Infrared transmitter in a weather-proof NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Infrared receiver in a water-proof NEMA 4X enclosure including 5A120V AC relay output

Optional Accessories

Photocell Infrared IRB 4-X  Hood• Two liquid tight strain relief's
• Two protective hoods
• Two L-shaped mounting brackets
• All the necessary mounting screws and hex nuts