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Infrared Modulated Photoeye Sensor P63

Infrared Modulated Photoeye Sensor P63 Specification SheetInfrared Modulated Photoeye P63 Instructions

The P63 Infrared Modulated Photoeye Sensor detects the presence of an obstacle blocking the sensing beam for annunciation, door control and security camera activation.Infrared Modulated Photoeye Sensor P63

       Benefits include:

  • LED indicator for output
  • 49 foot 15 meter range (19 feet more than the P45)
  • Non-reflective through-beam system is not affected by shiny surfaces
  • 12 24 Volt AC/DC
  • 2 Relays SPDT for reliability
  • 40mA current draw
  • IP 54 environmental rating
  • C-UL C-US and CE rated
  • 5 Hz switching frequency