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CNTX Advanced Contrast Sensor

CNTX Contrast Sensor Specification SheetsCNTX-30-TP Contrast Sensor Specification Sheet CNTX-30-TCMYX Color Mark Sensor Video
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CNTX Advanced Contrast Sensor

The CNTX Contrast Sensor (also known as a Registration Mark Sensor) combines small spot size of 3mm (for 0.4mm spot click here) and fast response to achieve high-speed contrast differentiation of both neutral and color targets. The contrast sensor provides numerical display of 50 grayscale levels. The broad-spectrum light source allows accurate detection of a wide range of colors against any background. The flexibility of the CNTX makes it easy to set-up in a wide variety of printing, packaging and converting applications.

The CNTX-30-T Contrast Sensor provides simple, two-button teach with mark and background keys.