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Color Sensors for Automation Applications

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Color Sensing For Automation Applications

Verify the presence of targets that can be differentiated by color - faster and with greater control. A ColorMax-1000™ color sensor lets your machine see up to 15 colors and RGB intensity. What's more, innovative technology improves sensitivity and speed, so you can maximize the pace of manufacturing.

The new white balance adjustment feature allows the entry of correction factors applied to the red, green and blue color measurements effectively providing a means of adjusting the sensor readings. This new functionality is useful when multiple sensors are used and setting them for specific RGB readings on a known target is needed.

ColorMax I O

Accessory for the ColorMax that allows the customer to interface with the computer or PLC controller.

ColorMax Application Software Setup Click for demo

ColorMax-1000 Series Color Sensors

Sort the table below by clicking on the column headings to find the ColorMax-1000 that's right for you.

Model Spot Size (mm) Color Channels RGB Analog Output Serial Data Output Operating Range (mm) Discrete Output(s) Cut Sheet
{Model} {Spot-Size} {Color-Channels} {RGB-Analog} {Serial-Data} {Operating-Range} {Discrete} PDF